Crises like the COVID-19 pandemic make us think outside of the box and come up with new, unconventional ideas. So I started to do virtual photo shoots with families, couples, friends all over the world. With these series I wanted to bless people with free shoots to make them happy during this time but also to encourage them to focus on all the good aspects this situation is also giving us - like quality time with our loved ones!

In the last couple weeks I offered these virtual photo sessions for free and wow you guys, your response but also your generosity was amazing! I could do 35 shoots in 7 countries in only 14 days!!

I would love to continue giving them out for free but since they are still 2-3 hours of work for me, I decided to charge 150$ in the future. That's for 30-60min shooting and usually around 70-100 images edited (I never limit the amount of how many photos I edit).

If you still want to do a virtual photo session to make your quarantine days more fun, more beautiful and more memorable, just write me and we’ll schedule a session. Only requirement at the moment is to have an iPhone/iPad. (I haven’t figured out yet how it could work with other phones).