To be part of a wedding day is always a huge honor for me and so rewarding. To document the love between two people, to be introduced to new places and friends, and to create memories that last forever is one of my favorite things to do.
There are so many investments that go into a wedding – in the form of emotions, as well as time and money.


• All necessary preliminary meetings to discuss the exact process, details and expectations.

• Travel expenses up to 100 km from Uster ZH. (0.90 CHF per km after)

• All images are going to be viewed and edited individually. The editing process is very important to me and I put a lot of effort into it.

• You and your guests have the possibility to view all the photos and download them from a password protected online gallery.

• ALL good images will be edited and delivered digitally, including the rights to use them for private purposes.

• A little surprise package after your wedding

• The use of images by “Letizia Haessig Photography” for portfolio purposes is granted. *

* see FAQ’s - publishing

(Price for my entire presence)


You’re getting married in a country other than Switzerland?

I’m so down for it, I looove to travel!! To keep it as simple as possible for you, I offer these Travel Flat Rates so you just choose one of the regular wedding coverages and the zone package, according to which zone you’re getting married in.

Getting married in a different country than these? Just reach out to me again and I will make you an individual offer.

Prior to the wedding day, we will discuss the course of the day and your personal wishes related to the photos.

On the wedding day, I will accompany you and your guests professionally and unobtrusively to capture these beautiful moments in an authentic way. Basically, I leave it up to you to decide how long I will be there, and what you would like to be captured during that time.

My job does not end with the wedding. The subsequent editing of the photos is included in the prices of the wedding reportage. These prices reflect not only my time spent at the wedding, but also the effort it takes to order and edit the photos afterwards. Basically, I spend at least the same amount of time editing the photos, as I did taking them (as an example: 12h of taking photos on the wedding day require at least 12h of editing).

Please consider the FAQs below for further information.

On request, I will design an individual and high quality wedding book for you.

Each of those books is going to be printed in fine-art quality and with the so called Lay-Flat binding. This means the book will lay totally flat and no important elements will disappear within the binding. I am more than happy to show you and example if interested.

The book has a linen binding where you can choose between 22 colors. For a small surcharge, you can also change to other binding materials or other individual options (such as an embossing for example). The images included in the book are your choice. It will only be printed once you are 100% happy with it.

Additional books for parents can be ordered for 60% off (has to be the same design but can be different in size).

*All prices are including design, taxes & shipping inside europe

Small - 20 x 20 cm

LARGE - 30 x 30 cm

medium - 25 x 25 cm

- 20 Spreads / 40 Pages

- 100 images

- 20 Spreads / 40 Pages

- 100 images

- 20 Spreads / 40 Pages

- 100 images

*Additional Spread

(2 pages/5 images) - 6 CHF

(max: 50 Spreads / 100 pages / 250 images)

*Additional Spread

(2 pages/5 images) - 5 CHF

(max: 50 Spreads / 100 pages / 250 images)

*Additional Spread

(2 pages/5 images) - 4 CHF

(max: 50 Spreads / 100 pages / 250 images)

630 CHF

570 CHF

530 CHF

Small - 19 x 19 cm

MEDIUM 28 x 28 cm

- 20 Spreads / 40 Pages

- 100 images

- 20 Spreads / 40 Pages

- 100 images

*Additional Spread

(2 pages/5 images) - 3.50 CHF

(max: 65 Spreads / 130 pages / 325 images)

*Additional Spread

(2 pages/5 images) - 2.50 CHF

(max: 65 Spreads / 130 pages / 325 images)

470 CHF

530 CHF

You will receive only edited images, in high-resolution, digital form. How many pictures you receive always depends on the wedding and of course on the duration of the booking. I do not set a limit to the number of pictures and you can be sure that you will get all the pictures which turned out well. With a reportage that lasts 12 hours there are always between 500 and 1000 pictures.

Nobody likes to wait for the results, so of course I will try to deliver the pictures as fast as possible, within 6-8 weeks at the latest. In many cases, it can go even faster.

In order to view the photos immediately after I finish editing, I invite you to a password- protected online gallery, which you can then share with your friends and relatives.

No, I don’t. Editing is as a very important part of the process and it’ s part of my identity as an artist. To me it’s an unfinished product and it get’s my „handwriting“ with the edit. It’s basically just like you don’t go and buy dough from the baker.

But I will promise you, that I’ll never leave an image out that you might want and if you still feel like you miss a photo, never hesitate to contact me (within a week after you got them) and I will send it to you!

I hope that will never happen!

However, should something so unforeseen or bad happen that I cannot make it to the wedding, I will do everything in my power to find a worthy replacement photographer. I know a large circle of very talented people and am sure that we would find someone who is suitable. In this case, the deposit will be refunded, of course. The safest option though, is adding a second shooter.

At the time you receive a price list from me, I will note down the date, but no reservation takes place, yet. As long as the appointment is not definitely fixed, I reserve the right to make further offers for this date. The appointment is legally binding after I have sent you the order confirmation and the invoice, respectively when the deposit of 50% has been paid.

Who provides food & accommodation?

I’m also just a human and sometimes I need food. So, during the wedding it’s your responsibility to arrange food and accommodation. I usually eat at a table with the other guests. This makes it easier to take pictures and I will not miss any important program points. However, you are completely free to have me seated slightly away from the others or in another room.

If the distance to the wedding location requires me to arrive the day before and / or involves a return trip longer than 1 hours driving or even the day after, it is also your responsibility to accommodate this. But I am super uncomplicated and take whatever bed you have.

Self-promotion is essential for my company. For this reason, I may publish certain pictures. By placing your order, you agree that I may use the resulting images for portfolio purposes. Of course, I highly respect your privacy and ask you to please inform me, should this not be desired. There is the possibility to except your pictures from publication with a surcharge of 10%.

I ask you to pay the deposit within seven days after receiving the offer. In case of a cancellation up to six months before the wedding, 50% of the amount will be refunded. If the cancellation takes place later than that, there will be no refund. The remaining amount is due one week after the wedding. First, you will be able to view the photos in an online gallery. Once I have received the payment, they will become available for you to download.

The USB stick will also be sent after the full payment has been issued.

Yes, of course! If you would like to spontaneously extend the booking beyond what we initially agreed, the price of the subsequent package applies. If the number of working hours ranges in between the two packages, the hourly rate will be calculated based on the smaller package. Once the limit of 12 hours has been reached, I charge 400 CHF p/h.

Yes, I retain the copyright to the images that I take. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t share them online or with your friends. Share them as much as you want. They’re you’re memories but they are for personal use only which means you’re not allowed to use them commercially and any form of re-editing other than cropping is not permitted. Also please don’t give them to other vendors of your wedding. I would be very thankful if you could direct them to me and I will take care of it.

If something’s still unclear don’t hesitate to contact me again. I’m really here to help you with everything you want to know.

If you think we would be a good fit, let’s have a coffee or skype date together and kick off this thing!!

After that, all I need is a “YES, we want you as our photographer” and a 50% Deposit and the date is booked!!